Tuesday, July 28, 2009

# 14 – Eight Breathing Techniques

The anuloma-viloma (alternate nostril) breath is a basic nerve cleansing technique used for most common conditions, and is typically followed by ailment specific breath for greater relief. Seven other breathing techniques are better known, such as kapalbhati (skull cleansing), ujjayi (victorious), bhastrika (bellows), shitali (horizontal cooling), brahmari (bumble bee), shitkari (vertical cooling), and shanmukhi mudra (seashell or conch).

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  1. Dear Banu,
    I just saw your comment of a week ago and appreciate your visit and thoughts...I just want to express my appreciation of your elaborating on the subtleties of breath...I am a long time practitioner of kriya yoga as well as an occasional practitioner of wonderful hatha yoga...I wish I had time every day for both! And coincidentally, the other night I was at an event where two health speakers presented and the physically-oriented gal emphasized the importance of the exhale...interesting.